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There’s something wrong with me! Working relationally with shame

posted 3 Aug 2010, 11:50 by Debbie Cotton   [ updated 29 Aug 2010, 04:35 ]
December 12th and 13th 2010
At the heart of shame there is a deep belief that I am not ok as I am; that something in me is deeply flawed or broken. Only if I can manage to conceal it, eradicate it or compensate for it would I be welcomed into the human race.
Be it emotional, familial, intellectual or bodily shame, people who are shame-based pose a great challenge to the therapist. They would do anything to avoid touching the very place that needs holding on the one hand, and activate the therapist’s shame on the other: it is a real countertransference delight!
While many therapeutic practices are well exercised with other ‘unpleasant’ feelings such as anger, guilt, neediness, passion, sadness or envy, shame often remains an unpalatable emotion and therapists collude in avoiding the subject altogether.
During these two days we would create a safe container that would allow us to kindly look at shame (our own and our clients) and meet our shamed and shaming parts with human presence. We would explore working with shame-based clients, and with our own biographical shame. Who knows, me might actually leave these two days more able to accept ourselves as we are...

Date: 12th and 13th of December 2010 

Old Deer Park
187 Kew Road Richmond
Surrey TW9 2AZ 

Cost: £150 
This workshop is open to anyone that has trained in IMT previously.