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Relational fields – Relational Coaching

posted 6 Oct 2010, 09:36 by Debbie Cotton
March 19th-20th 2011- Belgium

Two days of exploring how to free the healing qualities of the shared space, for coaches, therapists, constellators, process facilitators, social workers, …
With Dr Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar

Relational coaching is a relatively new development in human science, which places a special emphasis on the mutual transference dynamics that grow naturally in the relational fields of coach and coachee, or therapist and client.

It views coaching – psychotherapeutic, as well as life and business coaching - as the art of consciously embracing those relational dynamics with flexibility, creativity and integrity. An introspective dance that loosens forms and liberates the healing force of deep reciprocal interaction. In many ways, relational coaching represents a return to shamanic worldviews where the self is first and foremost a shared field, and only later an individual.

This two-day workshop will dive straight into the dynamic of these relational fields.

If we want it or not, there are there. When we are able to connect with these fields in a lucid and respectful way, they are a great source of healing transformation. When we aren’t, we can become confused or entangled in the midst of blurred boundaries. So how can we navigate in them safely and professionally
with positive result ?

The workshop will offer exciting experiential learning - personal and professional - for coaches,psychotherapists, group-facilitators, constellators and others who wish to bring deeper connections and transforming authenticity into their work with people.

Dr. Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar, PhD, is a relational psychotherapist integrating body-psychotherapy and hypnosis within his work. Asaf practices in Israel and teaches in Israel and Europe.

Together with coaches Carmella Keet & Micky Gerber, Asaf has developed and taught a model for relational coaching. The model challenges the coach to enter a meaningful relationship with the coachee, and use the relationship as an axis in the coaching, without becoming psychotherapy.

Practical information :
The venue is organised by Kristin Verellen of Peel The Onion, and takes place in a peaceful location, De Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren, surrounded by 20ha of nature –

Take some comfortable clothes and warm socks with you, as we will work also on the ground.

Spoken language during the training is English. Of course we will translate when needed.
Total price : 520 € (vat included) :
363 € for trainings of Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar + 157 € for 2 days accommodation with delicious, healthy food ( 2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, 4 coffee breaks), 1 night in shared bedroom with shower.

Who’s sharing with who will by decided by the participants at the beginning of the course. A single bedroom can be provided at request, for + 61 € extra, depending on availability. Early booking recommended. If sold out we can provide a single room nearby.

You are welcome to email Asaf if you have any questions regarding the workshop on, and
Kristin if you have any practical questions