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Money and professional identity

posted 20 Aug 2011, 09:47 by Debbie Cotton
A 2 day workshop for participants of the ongoing IMT training program

Being a therapist requires us to combine spirit and matter – it is both a vocation and a business. Unlike many other professions, the product that we are "selling" is not really the method, the discipline, the tools or even the orientation: it is the person that we are: I am selling myself, my time. I am in fact asking people to pay money to spend time with me, "it's worth your while to be with me," I say – "you'll grow, and change and develop from our relationship." Therefore, to appropriately position ourselves as self-employed, it is not enough to market and advertise ourselves. We need to form a deep professional identity that is congruent and truthful to ourselves and can be proactively expressed in the real worked.

You've invested a lot of money and time, and more so energy and hope in professional training. The beginning looked promising – you had a few clients. But it has not fully developed, or not as much as you were hoping for. So many graduate therapists and practitioners are unable to solely make a living from their trained profession. Perhaps you are not good enough? Perhaps you need to learn some more, or maybe it is indeed impossible to both engage in a job that you really like and make good money? Perhaps you cannot satisfy both the soul and the pocket?

During these two days, together we will look at our beliefs, values and relationship with money, in our own biographies and as it manifests in the therapeutic relationship. Aside from examining the place of money in the therapeutic relationship, we will further seek ways of mobilizing the our attitudes towards money and making a living, hopefully opening possibilities for greater financial freedom.

Dates: 11th and 12th December
Time: 10am- 6pm
Location: The Open Centre, 188-192 Old Street, London EC1V 9FR

This workshop is a part of a series in the ongoing training group. If you are already a member of this group, please email Debbie to reserve your place. If you are not a member of the ongoing group and would like to be, please email Debbie to enquire about how to join.