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Touching the Relational Edge - 2 year training

Advanced Training in IMT 2013-2014 

Please note, this course has already started for this year, but if you are interested in joining the second year, please let us know if you are interested.

I am happy to offer graduates of Deep Bodywork Advanced Training and IMT students an opportunity to venture into two years of professional and personal exploration. Training will take place at the Open Centre, London UK. 

The first year (one unit of four days, two units of three) will bring together theory and practice to help us understand the professional community we live and work in (psychological, social, gender, cultural) and better understand and then communicate to ourselves, our clients and our colleagues what we do and why we do that.

The second year (four units of three days) will support participants in strengthening their professional identity as body-psychotherapists, recognize their strengths and weaknesses and create a cultivating environment to support both.

These two years were created for past graduates of previous trainings to work towards an accredited recognition by the European Association of Body-Psychotherapy (EABP), the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists (UKCP) or both with the necessary training requirements. We shall assist each of you individually to create your accreditation portfolio if you wish to. Please note, the course in itself it is not accredited  but it is covering some of the material deemed necessary to work towards accreditation. 

However, these two years could also be taken simply to continue your professional and personal development, to explore the joys, jewels and possibilities that relational body-psychotherapy offers in a safe and enabling environment.

Participants need to commit to one year at a time.

Training methodology: We will explore through some embodied theoretical practices, exercises in pairs, small group and group processes, role-play, supervision, demonstration and fishbowl practices in the group.

Participants who are interested in accreditation will also need to complete some assessed written work (kind assessment is promised) and a final written piece which will be contracted and completed separately.

Year 1 – Do I move you? Integrating passion and professionalism in our practice

This year will be dedicated to familiarize with different therapeutic languages and learn to translate your work into other ways of working. What is it that we do? Why do we do it? how do we do it?

· Unit 1 – From past to present: Therapeutic modalities seen through relational embodied eyes
In these four days we will learn (experientially) the history of body-psychotherapy, familiarize ourselves with the main modalities of BP and explore some other forms of therapeutic modalities and the ways they’ve influenced our practice. Particular emphasis will be put on humanistic, feminist, attachment and relational theories. 
o 12-15th April – (4 days) 2013

Unit 2 - Being and doing – exploring interventions.

How do I intervene, when and why? Allowing ourselves to discover our brilliance, understand our strength as therapists and watch out for our blind spots and transferential hooks.

o 24th -26th August 2013 (3 days)

Unit 3 – Form and Flow: Theory of Bodymind

While all psychotherapeutic modalities have a theory of mind, out of which a developmental model is built, body-psychotherapy is structured about the bodymind. During these three days we will look at what it means to be a bodymind, and how it relates to the way we diagnose and intervene in therapy and to our therapeutic presence.

o January 3-5th 2014 (3 days)

The Details:
Cost: £1150 for the first year.
A non-refundable deposit of £150 is required to book your place, and payment can be made either in full or via payment plan.
Commitment to the course is for one year of training at a time.
For any questions, or to book your place, please contact Debbie Cotton on

o 12-15th April – (4 days) 2013
o 24th -26th August 2013 (3 days)
o January 3-5th 2014 (3 days)

Year two -About our identity – forming a professional identity as body-psychotherapist

During the workshops this year we will let go of some structures and explore empty-handed work, dance with paradoxes and commit
ourselves to the magic of connection. We will integrate work with touch and deepen our ability to evaluate the strengths and challenges
of our practice.

Unit 1 – It don’t mean a thing if it ain't got the swing - the ‘it’ in psychotherapy

22-24th of March 2014

How do we blend in the essence of meeting, of love and connection (and that ‘it’) with professional conduct and skillful interventions? Psychotherapy is more than techniques, skills and ethical codes. These three days will be dedicated to dancing around the ‘it’ that makes our contact unique and worthwhile. It cannot be taught, but it can certainly be found, touched on and celebrated. 

Unit 2 – No Synthesis – Paradoxes in relational body-psychotherapy.

8th-21st of July 2014

At the heart of human communications, and certainly psychotherapy, lay paradoxes: between the healing-potential of therapy and the Sisyphean
hopeless repetition, between wild freedom and regulation and accreditation, between the truth-telling body, and the slippery and deceiving body. These three days will be dedicated to the art of holding paradoxes as part of our therapeutic identity.

Unit 3 – Touch in psychotherapy

24th- 26th October 2014

Most of you have learned systems of bodywork and are using various techniques of touch in your work. During this unit we will look at different
categories of touch, different ways of using touch and not-using touch.We will connect these to character structures, to relational thinking and to
trance. Ethical and practical considerations will also be touched upon.

Unit 4 – Self-Reflection, celebrating me
January  16th -18th 2015

This very special unit will conclude the two years and will be dedicated to self-appraisal. Through kind and loving eyes we would examine our
strengths and weaknesses as psychotherapists, explore the ways in which our biography supports and limits our flexibility and the clients and techniques that best suit us. This is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of ourselves in the world as psychotherapists with the gifts and wounds we bring, and an opportunity to celebrate ourselves.

Year two dates

Unit 1- 22-24th of March 2014
Unit 2- 18th- 21st of July 2014
Unit 3- 24th- 26th October 2014
Unit 4- January  16th -18th 2015