IMT trainings

Training in IMT can be taken in many different forms. For those that want a set structure there is practitioner certificates and a diploma of IMT that can be worked towards, allowing space for a growth in theoretical and experiential knowledge. For more information on how to progress through these certificates, please click here

The diploma of relational trancework is accredited with the General Hypnotherapy Council. (GHC) The training is strongly based on relational and intersubjectivity theory, and allows the opening to recognising and utilising relational trance.

Training is flexible, which means you can attend workshops that interest you. Workshops are based on theoretical and experiential work, and allow time for personal process as well as practitioner tools to take home. One of the most important premises of IMT is creating strong therapeutic community and support, as that is such an important part of self-care as a therapist.

Please keep an eye on our website for upcoming courses that may be of interest to you, or if you have a request for a workshop to be created for the needs of your community please email info@integrativemindbodytherapy to discuss this option.