Jo-Anne Nighy

I found myself feeling stuck, limited and challenged, unsure of my worth, place and identity, and scared, and this is how I came to IMT firstly as a client, and now as a therapist. I know from my experience that in my life I will never stop learning and delving into the treasure trove that is me. However poetical this may sound, I am also acutely aware that the treasure is not always easy to find or immediately obvious, can be uncomfortable to get to and is not always in the shape I expect or
want it to be! I endeavour to accept and welcome my uniqueness rather than look past it only to be eluded by an idea of perfection.

I am fiercely passionate about Integrative Mind Body therapy. I have always had an enquiring mind and am proud of this, I feel through IMT as a client and therapist, I have been given the opportunity to re-discover the wealth of information, memory and inquisitiveness of my body-mind. I believe that there is not a separation between the head and the body, even though, today many of us live and talk about ourselves as though this is the case and even try to maintain some kind of split. I am still learning to accept all the parts of myself, that I am a unique human being and at the same time,being human means I am the same as everyone else.

I am sharing myself and opening to you my own continuing quest of discovery in this way, as perhaps the most important part of IMT for me, is in the relationship between therapist and client. Only by opening to and bringing consciousness to all of myself, can I possibly ask you to open to all your parts, emotions, thoughts, patterns.

As an IMT therapist, I offer a space to explore re-connecting with parts of yourself that you have forgotten about or lost somewhere along the way, or attempt to ignore, attack, or bully. I am also an actress and a deep tissue body worker, and bring both these skills to the work. I am fascinated and constantly surprised by aliveness in its unpredictable, creative forms and long to rekindle this where it may have got stuck or blocked, so you can be authentically and wholly you. Bringing attention to the body can enable not only a physical change in shape but also a change in the psyche’s shape too.


Basic IMT certificate – A.R.B Shahar

Embodied trances, Relational Hypnosis –A.R.B Shahar (GHSc accredited)

Diploma in Deep Tissue Massage – Holos

ITEC Holistic Massage – Islington

Acting Diploma – Drama Studio

BA Hons in French and Communication Arts – Huddersfield University

Current Ongoing training:

Deep Bodywork training with Silke Ziehl at Entelia Institute

Diploma in IMT 


Jo-Anne Nighy

c/o Urban Bliss

333 Portobello rd


W10 5SA

Tel: 0208 969 3331