Fleur Melville

IMT found me 6 years ago when I embarked on my own journey into therapy.  

Through the IMT process I was able to see my own suffering and sickness as a means to discover physical and emotional transformation which has contributed to the peace and understanding of my own human existence.  I consequently now consider it an honour to travel together with my clients into a therapeutic relationship which can uncover and explore both our aliveness and our shadow, our pain and joy, our strengths and our weaknesses.  

I believe that every human being has the right to know love and the right to be heard and seen.  I invite my clients to be held in their process, to encourage the discovery of themselves and their infinite potential.  By journeying with my clients I also keep learning about myself and others encountering the endless possibilities that come with being alive.

 I am also a homeopath and reflexologist and have witnessed through my practice over the last ten years how closely the mind and body are linked.  I bring all these skills into my IMT practice along with deep body work massage to provide a truly holistic experience.   I embrace IMT as it is the vehicle where I can genuinely treat the whole, using everything in my toolbox to encourage and walk alongside my fellow human beings, using touch only when it is invited and appropriate.


Completed Relevant Training:

RSA in Counselling Skills and the Development of Learning 1998/9

Reflexology Diploma (LOCN) 1999/2000

Diploma of Homeopathy 2001/4

Post Graduate Diploma of Homeopathy 2004/6

Deep Body Work (Body Psychotherapy) Foundation Course with Silke Ziehl Entelia Institute 2008/9


Currently undertaking:

IMT – Integrated Mind Body Therapy - Basic Level

Advanced Deep Body Work With Silke Ziehl, Entelia Institute.


I am happy to treat clients for short durations through a particular life crisis or alternatively for long term therapy.  I also still practice homeopathy and reflexology as stand alone treatments if this is what is preferred. 

I am currently excepting IMT clients for my case studies, for which I am fully supervised. 

Contact details:

Urban Bliss Clinic

333 Portobello Road

London W10 9SA 

For information or to book appointments: 020 8 969 3331

Email: vfmelville@ntlworld.com