Debbie Cotton

My hunger in life is for aliveness and connection.  I believe that as humans, we all require relationships and community to survive, to grow and to reach our potential. As much as we need these relationships, they are often painful, limiting and annoying as well as joyous, fulfilling and illuminating. I am comfortable sitting with the negative as well as the light, with the discomfort and pain as well as the ecstasy as my desire is to accept myself and all my parts as I am, so I wish to do the same with my clients. I believe therapy should play out in the dynamics of the relationship between therapist and client, and that primarily we learn about ourselves when we give space and time to notice the dynamics in each other.

My work is also a reflection of my desire for integration. As well as IMT I am Australian trained naturopath- so I have also been trained in goal orientated therapies, enabling clients to re-arrange their lifestyles to better suit their needs, offering support, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, and lifestyle and disease counselling. In this area I have a wealth of experience working with clients that are undergoing infertility treatments, clients that are trying to manage chronic diseases, women’s health issues and clients that suffer from emotional eating and eating disorders.

I offer short term and long term therapy, and I still offer naturopathic consultations for those that would like a more goal orientated approach or need a bit of extra support with some herbal medicine.

My work is fully supervised, and I am an associate member of the Chiron association of Body Psychotherapists (CABP), an associate member of UKAHPP and I am a UKCP trainee body-psychotherapist; at the moment I am building my portfolio for full accreditation. I am also a member of the GRCN and the CNHC

I offer:

  • Short and long term therapy 
  • Naturopathic consultations- including nutritional, herbal and functional medicine

My training:

  • Diploma of IMT
  • Practitioner of embodied trance, relational hypnosis (IMT)
  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (inclusive of a diploma of nutritional medicine and western herbal medicine)
  • Reiki Master
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Comp.Med)
  • Diploma in Deep Bodywork

Currently undertaking:

  • MA in Integrative psychotherapy at the Minster Centre

 Contact details:

Debbie Cotton @ The Cotton Clinic

Unit 10, 2a Wrentham Avenue