Angela King

I have over 10 years counselling and psychotherapy experience. I am a senior accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and
Psychotherapy (MBACP acc) and a United Kingdom Registered Independent Counsellor (UKRC Reg. Ind.) I am also a registered member of the CPC

I am also a certified practitioner in Embodied Relational Therapy

I undertake on-going training to keep my knowledge and skills up to date and I attend regular supervision in compliance with the BACP ethical framework for good practice.

The way I work is rooted in who I am. My strengths, vulnerabilities, courage, capacity to love, play, be soft, strong, tender and passionate are part of what I bring to my work. I am respectful of how the body has a language which often is expressed in tensions, bodily symptoms and sensations. When listened to, the body can unravel stories of loss, withheld pain, frozen heart, deadened sexuality and disconnection.

We sometimes have established patterns of behaving, thinking and feeling about ourselves, other people and the world that may have served us well in the past but are not working for us now. My aim is to help you establish where or how you would like to be and to discover, understand and change whatever you decide in order to make that happen.

The process of the therapeutic relationship is central to my work. An important part of this is staying present in the moment. This may take the form of following the subtle messages of aliveness in the space between you and I. Aliveness can be present in unexpected ways, in moments where we are uncomfortable, unsure or cut off. These are all opportunities to explore layers beneath these experiences and an understanding of patterns in which we
relate to others and our inner world.

I have experience working with the NHS sector and privately. In my private practice I see clients from all walks of life, seeking both short and long term work My experience covers a large spectrum of counselling and psychotherapy, Working with issues of bereavement, loss, depression, couple counselling, relationship difficulties, sexual abuse, sexuality, gender issues, self harm, and stress etc.

Getting to know one's self intimately and making the commitment to continue to grow throughout life is a strong personal value of mine. I believe it is not possible to grow and develop in isolation and we can only really get to know ourselves when we are in relationship with others. The counselling relationship is an ideal place to learn how to be in relationships in a satisfying way.

An integrative approach

Given that each person coming for therapy is unique, I work in a variety of different ways to best meet different needs and issues they bring. My work is informed by my learning about approaches from Psychodynamic, Person centred, CBT, Personal construct Psychology, Stress Management, NLP, ERT and ,of course, IMT, in which I am trained. I find that a 'here and now' experiential approach, working in the present moment, is positive and creative
for most clients.

My training:

  • Diploma Psychodynamic Counselling
  • Post Grad Cert Integrative Counselling
  • MSc Counselling
  • Diploma Stress Management
  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Intermediate Skills of IMT
  • Practitioner of embodied trance, relational hypnosis (IMT)
  • Intermediate Contemporary Psychotherapy
  • Diploma Embodied relational Therapy
  • Advanced Diploma Embodied Relational Therapy
  • Diploma in clinical supervision and consultancy (Dec 2010)
  • Practitioner of Relational Trancework (Jan 2011)
  • Diploma in IMT and recognised as a Practitioner of IMT (June 2011)

Contact Details:

tel:     07739853335